Next Generation Learning Models for English Language Learners

Check out this interesting article:

What do you think about learners nowadays?

What are your impressions as a teacher regarding ELL student needs, nowadays?

How are those changing?

How can we adapt in a world that is forever changing our classroom needs and students' expectations?


    • Zahra Shafiee
      Zahra Shafiee

      Hi Carmen,

      It is a very thought-provoking article. Thanks indeed for sharing it.

      I think if we look at English as an international language (EIL), not necessarily ESL and EFL, regarding the learners and their needs, instead of universality, we will encounter multiversality. 

      As also mentioned in the article, different learners with different gifts enter ELT enterprise. Perhaps we should try to specialize in different sub-fields in ELT and personalize our learners and their learning programs.

      It is not easy to adapt to, as you well mentioned, 'a world that is forever changing', but as the target moves or multiplies, maybe the rules of game should adapt to it.


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