Learn to Blend and Flip with Technology


Categories: How to Teach Online
Includes lifetime access

Course Overview

Many teachers feel alone. They wish they could share information and ideas with other teachers around the globe. This course provides teachers with opportunities to collaborate with other teachers on how to blend and flip their classes with technology.

This is a self-paced hands-on professional development course for educators and/or anyone who wants to share information in a socially meaningful way. The course is fully online with one-on-one facilitation.

Participants will learn how to create videos using Webcams via WizIQ classes, screencast-o-matic, PowerPoint presentations, and Google drive. They will upload the video files to Youtube and Vimeo for blended learning, the flipped class, and to market their online courses. Participants will learn how to teach with web technologies such as blogs, wikis, google drive, badges, the WizIQ live class, Moodle, social networks, and videos. Participants, who complete the requirements for the course, will receive a certificate of completion.

View the syllabus of the course on Google Drive!

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