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Includes lifetime access

Course Overview

Teaching online is very rewarding, especially when you’re in charge of your very own course. However, the platforms generally charge for the space,  dictate how you design your space,  handle payments, limit Moodle plugins and add Google ads (if it’s Moodle) or take a percentage of teachers’ earnings.  

You can now rent space to teach online (RS2TO) on this Moodle site, charge tuition if you wish, and take all your earnings. The rental cost is $420 per course for up to 12 months. The fee includes all the plugins (activities and resources), certificates and badge features, recording (audio and video), screencast-o-matic (with all its pro features), and full support on how to design and teach your course. You may work alone or with other teachers for the same price. 

RS2TO is run by Dr. Nellie Deutsch, a highly experienced English language teacher in high school and higher education (over 40 years) and Moodle admin since 2003. Nellie has been integrating technology into her face-to-face classes since 1993. 

Read the following google drive doc or contact Dr. Deutsch for further information on how to rent a course and start teaching your very own online course.

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