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    • Anna Litovskaya

      Anna Litovskaya

      My Profile: ...ling and meeting new people. And that is exactly what shaped me as a professional. I have never stopped learning, whether new languages or new teaching methods. The people I meet in...

      • Halina


        My Profile: ...ntor and online friend Dr. Nellie Deutsch for teaching me all the skills which enabl...nline non-native English teacher. I have been teaching English online since 2010. I...advantage of new technologies. My approach is Teaching English with Technology. I us...

        • rosanna


          My Profile: ...m also aware that ICT is so important and this is why I am really interested in on line communities who use it. I am an experienced teacher in teaching English to dyslexic students...

          • Peggy George

            Peggy George

            My Profile: ...ollaborate which are dedicated to supporting teachers with tools, resources and practical suggestions for incorporating Web 2.0 technologies into teaching and learning. I am an organiz...

            • Yohamer Guevara

              Yohamer Guevara

              My Profile: ...m Universidad de Caldas (Manizales, 2012). Yohamer’s extensive teaching experience includes teaching English in Neiva and Barranca...d, India. As a teacher, Yohamer enjoys sharing his passion for teaching, languages, and technology wh...

              • Carmen Medina

                Carmen Medina

                My Profile: ...teacher training courses for endorsement in English. I am currently teaching an online Linguistics for coordinating the creation of the first C1 online course for English teaching endorsement in Andalusia, Spa...

                • Martin Cooke

                  Martin Cooke

                  My Profile: I'm a teacher of English living and working in southern Taiwan. I work on intensive one and two-year language and business programmes for Taiwanese university graduates. I've been teaching English for about eight years, and I'm also currently working on completing the DipTESOL course. 

                  • Olga Morokhova

                    Olga Morokhova

                    My Profile: Hi, I'm a chief of the professional language training department at Vladimir Law Institute (Russia). PhD. Nellie, thank you for the invitation to join the community "Teaching as a Way to Learn".