Connecting Online Conference 2015

Connecting Online Conferences

Connecting Online Conferences

We all connect for instruction and learning on a daily basis. We share information about things we have experienced, suggest, indicate, or offer advice on how to do things, where to go, and so much more. We spend most of our waking hours communicating our experiences to strangers, acquaintances, friends, colleagues, and family through conversations (see Contagious by Jonah Berger).

Technology is facilitating the process by making the daily task of the conversations more efficient and more effective. We connect using programs and apps installed in smart devices and computers via the Internet. We connect online for instruction and learning. Connecting online conferences allow people to share those experiences in numbers unheard of through Massive Open Online Conferences (MOOCs).

Connecting Online Conferences (CO09-CO15) have been the highlight of many educators for the past 5 years. Connecting Online brings educators from around the globe learn together in a  live online class called WizIQ. The event takes place on the first full weekend of February. You’re invited to join the 6th annual Connecting Online (CO15) conference on WizIQ. The presentations focus on instruction and learning. They given by educators for educators.

The conference focuses on how educators are connecting online for instruction and learning. Connecting Online is a 3-day conference that started in 2009 as CO09. One very special highlight of connecting online conference of CO13 is a book called Connecting Online for Instruction and Learning.

Connecting Online Book

Connecting Online for Instruction and Learning provides readers with the opportunity to learn how educators connect with their students for learning. The book is a collection of articles written by educators for educators. The chapters are based on the authors’ presentations at the annual Connecting Online (CO12)) conference on WizIQ in February 2012.

Connecting Online MOOC

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Connecting Online for 2015 is a massive open online conference or a MOOC. You’re invited to join the conference area to get the latest updates, get the content, access the live online classes, watch the recordings, and participate in discussions:

Topics and Highlights of CO15

    • Connecting online to improve instruction and learning
    • Online learning and instructional experiences
    • Experiences with technology in face-to-face and online classes.
    • Best practices: What worked and what didn’t work?
    • Challenges involved in teaching and/or learning online
    • How do you use technology to promote your online workshops, consultation, and communities?
    • Research conducted on e-learning
    • Books written on e-learning
    • Collaborative online learning
    • Research on collaborative learning
    • Conducting collaborative research
    • Collaborative book writing
    • Collaborative online teamwork

Past Recordings

CO15 will also publish a book based on the presentations for those interested. Here’s the book from CO12 in printed form and in a Kindle version

Organizer of CO15

Dr. Nellie Deutsch (click for bio)


WizIQ, Inc. (Click for WizIQ Desktop)

WizIQ apps on iPhone and iPad (Install the WizIQ apps)

How to Use WizIQ

Demos and individual help on how to use WizIQ:

Presenters of CO15

Live Presentations | WizIQ Course Area | About the Presenters | Add the Calendar

CO15 Online Conference

Live Presentations | WizIQ Course Area | About the Presenters | Add the Calendar

About the Presenters

CO15 includes 36 presenters from 17 countries. The presenters are educators who have volunteered to share how they connect online for instruction and learning. Click on the following link to learn more about the Presenters.

Jason R. Levine Dr. Revathi Viswanathan Janet Bianchini Dr. Bob Diotalevi Charles Goodger
Jennifer D. Klein Andreas Molander Robin Stevens Payes Stephan Hughes Alejandro Phelts
Susan Hillyard Justin Hunt Dr. Fahriye Altınay Dr. Zehra Altınay Dr. Phil Harris
Dr. Antonio Tovar Dr. Cheryl Lentz Dr. Ebba Ossiannilsso Dr. Rachel A. Sale Nives Torresi
Tom Hodgers Dr. Arkady Zilberman Talila Yehiel Dr. Nancy L. Zingrone Brian C. Steinberg
Dr. Anitha Devi V Jeff Kuhn Vance Stevens Steve Tuffill Rosmery Ribera Ferrier
Dolly Bhasin Dr. Ludmila Smirnova Shelly Sanchez Terrell Dr. Janet Salmons Dr. Christel Broady

Presentations for CO15 MOOC

Massive Open Online Conferences (MOOCs) are the future. Let’s connect on CO15 and learn online for 3 day, 33 hours, 36 presenters from February 6-8, 2015 on WizIQ. Click to enrol. Recordings will be available for those who join. Add the webinars to your Calendar.

Friday February 6 Saturday February 7 Sunday February 8
 Opening Ceremony PoodLL on Moodle Digital Literacy and Higher Education
Collaborative Teamwork in an Online Learning Environment- Possibilities and Challenges Organizational aspects in e-learning: the issue of knowledge management EVO Minecraft MOOC
The EVOlution of Jan Connecting Online to Improve Instructional Learning© Our Peer-Reviewed World: where Evaluation by Peers Becomes the World of Social Media Overnight
Copyrighting Cyberspace: Teaching Old Dogs New Clicks Books on E-learning: Technology That Tutors Too many tools, too little time
Music, performance and creativity in language learning. Use the internet to run your own edutainment business! Collaborative Online Learning Professional Learning Networks for Longlife Learners
Meeting in the Middle: Avoiding the Exploitative Pitfalls of Global Learning Using Student Feedback for Continual Improvement of Your Online Course English Teacher’s  Technology Toolbox
How digital Marking and Flashcards Can Engage and Motivate Students  Understanding Pair Work in Micro Teaching Online Reaching All Learners in the Digital Age
Out of Time: Can Story Inspire Deeper Learning? The End of Online Learning – the Beginning of Mobile Acquiring Language Skills Byte Sized Possibilities That Transform Our Teaching
From tech crappy to tech savvy Learning Based on Location- thewandering Designing and Evaluating Online Collaborative Projects
Learning Facilitation and hands onuse of Internet applications for Virtual Education for Teachers    Setting Up and Running a MOOC on WizIQ: Lessons Learned and in Progress Teaching Technology Tools for Collaboration in K-20
PLCs Forever! Dealing with difficult  students in the online classroom Listening to Learners in Social MediaClosing Ceremony

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