Digital School Newspaper

Educators and schools are searching for ways to develop a strong online presence. Digital newspapers may be a way to attain a better online presence and cater to young learners.

The old way of reading may no longer appeal to young learners. Younger learners may wish to engage in the latest news via multi-media. YouTube videos, Snapchat or Pinterest images, and short text have a better chance of reaching a young audience than Facebook, Vimeo for videos, or blogs for text.

I searched for ways to engage a young audience and raise the school’s digital online presence. Perhaps, the platforms are being developed as I speak because I only found a handful of platforms.

I’d like to share what I found and ask for your help in finding more.


I started using Wallwisher many years ago. Wallwisher is now Padlet.

Paper Li

I had used Paper Li for years until I got fed up by its limitations.


I have been using Pearltrees for a number of years.




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