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Micro Teaching in a Live Online Class

Your’e invited to participate in a series of free micro-teaching sessions in a live online class on WizIQ. The micro-teaching will be done in pairs.  The series of micro teaching practice will begin in November 2014. The preparation to the practical micro teaching classes will take place in October as part of the bi-annual Moodle MOOC 5 (MM5). You’re invited to join and bring your colleagues and friends: http://www.wiziq.com/…/70332-moodle-mooc-5-teaching… Here’s the syllabus of MM5: http://goo.gl/9BPCBh Keep asking questions as you go. Every question is brilliant.

What is Micro Teaching?

Micro teaching is a teacher training technique that provides inexperienced and experienced teachers with opportunities to practice teaching in small groups and learn from one another. According to the University of Toronto,  Micro teaching allows teachers to:

  • focus on practicing teaching skills in a confidential, non-threatening environment;
  • receive feedback on their teaching from multiple perspectives;
  • receive supportive feedback from peers

Most teachers feel excited and nervous before micro-teaching, but the experience is always gratifying and lots of fun because the practice lessons are done in small teams of 2 -4.

Learn to Blend and Flip with Technology

Many teachers feel alone when it comes to teaching with and without technology. They wish they could share information and ideas with other teachers in their schools and around the globe. Learn to Blend and Flip with Technology course provides teachers with opportunities to collaborate with other teachers on how to blend and flip their classes with technology. You can access the content and class recordings here: http://www.wiziq.com/course/14339-blogging-reflective-learning

Teaching with Technology

Learn to Blend and Flip with Technology is a free hands-on professional development course for educators and/or anyone who wants to share information in a socially meaningful way. The course includes live online classes (with recordings), content (via the courseware), discussions (via the course feed), and hands-on activities.

Participants learn how to create videos using Webcams via WizIQ classes, screencast-o-matic, PowerPoint presentations, and Google drive. They learn to create videos using screencast-o-matic, movenote, and jing and upload the video files to Youtube and Vimeo for blended learning, the flipped class, and to market their online courses. Participants learn how to teach with web technologies such as blogs, wikis, google drive, badges, the WizIQ live class, Moodle, social networks, and videos.

Certificates of Completion

Participants, who reflect on 10 of the live sessions on their blogs, receive a certificate of completion. One of the highlights of the course is a series of live online classes called “Understanding the Teaching System of WizIQ”.

Understanding the Teaching System of WizIQ

Understanding the Teaching System on WizIQ are live online classes led by Dr. Nellie Deutsch, an experienced WizIQ user. Nellie has been teaching with WizIQ since 2007. The webinars are part of a series of weekly online classes on the features available on WizIQ to organize online conferences, deliver MOOCs, and teach synchronous and/or asynchronous courses for fully online, blended, and flipped class programs for the private and public sectors.

Micro-Teaching on WizIQ

Members of Learn to Blend and Flip with Technology and Understanding the Teaching System of WizIQ are preparing for their certificates for Micro-teaching. From November to the end of December, 2014, you will be conducting micro teaching in pairs. You may pair up with anyone from the list of course learners on Learn to Blend and Flip with Technology and Understanding the Teaching System on WizIQ (see heading above). If your pair is not in the course, they can enrol.

Sharing CO-Presenter Link

Micro-Teaching in Pairs

You, too, can learn to teach online using WizIQ live online class. These are the steps required to Micro-teach:

  1. Find a pair (a teacher to co-teach with)
  2. Start a google drive doc and share the doc with each other and the micro-teaching mentor
  3. Decide on a topic and dates using an event announcer so we all know the time zone: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedform.html
  4. Get permission to fill in the following form on google drive form: http://goo.gl/T2n2Qa
  5. Start preparing a PowerPoint presentation
  6. Upload the PPT to your account on WizIQ and share the link in your google doc.
  7. Have fun!!!!


Teachers, who participate in the micro-teaching practice and give 3 micro-teaching lessons, will receive a certificate of completion.  The certificates will be signed by an experienced online and face-to-face teacher, Nellie Deutsch, Ed.D. For further information contact Dr. Nellie Deutsch.

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