Microsoft Support

Thanks to Apple, my Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse finally works. 

Today, I spend over 5 hours with Microsoft support. They took over my computer remotely, checked the system, uninstalled Windows 10 and reinstalled it. They updated and then uninstalled Bluetooth and then reinstalled and updated the system again. The support people Iris and Joshua were very nice, but weren’t trained to go beyond the box. 

After a whole day with support, I became very determined. I had to succeed where support failed. I watched YouTube videos and  read forums by Microsoft, I tried to find a solution where non existed. 

Until, I remembered my experience with Apple Air Pods. Yes, Apple came to the rescue for a Microsoft product. 

Solution, press the button next to the Bluetooth and turn on metal button. It’s like a reset button. The minute you do that, the device becomes discoverable on Bluetooth. 

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