Mindfulness and Well Being

Only we can take care of our well being because no one else can get into our heads to deal with the chatter perpetuated by our beliefs. As Bruce Lipton has shown in The Biology of Belief  (Lipton, 2008), “beliefs control behavior and gene activity, and, consequently, the unfolding of our lives” (p. 173).  We can control our brains and how we act through mindfulness.

I’ve been practising mindfulness for over 30 years. I wrote this blog post as a work in progress (WIP). Please subscribe, so you can receive email notifications when I add new resources. You are also welcome to check the blog post from time to time for the latest on mindfulness practice.

What is mindfulness?

How can I benefit from it?

How do I do it?

Michael Sealey
Guided Meditation for Detachment From Over-Thinking (Anxiety / OCD / Depression)

Mindfulness Resources (WIP)


Lipton, B. H. (2008). The biology of belief. London: Hay House.

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