Research-based Learning

Learning in the Classroom

Learning in the classroom may work if school stakeholders (administrators, principals, teachers, parents, ministries of education, and community members) read the research available.  Research has answers on what works and what does not in promoting well-being and lifelong learners. William Glasser, Martin Seligman, Marshall Rosenberg and others have conducted research that can make a difference if teachers and schools apply the findings. So why are we not following the research?

Alfie Kohn is an excellent spokesman on the research available. In Punished by Rewards, Kohn cites the research on the damage done by the use of extrinsic motivation. He suggests the need for schools to focus on student collaboration and cooperation, interesting content, and offering choice by getting students to be part of the learning process. Why can’t schools model  democracy instead of just talking about (Kohn)?

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