ChatGPT and the WebQuest

Today’s students are constantly challenged in order to stay focused on learning tasks. They are bombarded with ongoing digital distractions that capture their attention. Webquests, founded by Bernie Dodge, are problem-based learning activities that engage students in learning that can keep students on task.

The blocks of a WebQuest are geared to engage students in experiential (hands on) learning activities that promote social skills via teamwork, higher order critical thinking skills via inquiry and problem-based learning, and technological skills via the Internet. Engaging in a WebQuest helps students become lifelong learners.

WebQuests foster teamwork, higher order thinking skills, and integrate technology into the classroom in a safe and manageable way.  

Blocks of the WebQuest

  1. Introduction
  2. Task
  3. Process
  4. Resources
  5. Evaluation
  6. Conclusion
  7. Credits
  8. Teacher’s Page

WebQuest Template (Google Doc)

Create and Host the WebQuest

For further information

How to Use ChatGPT for the WebQuest

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