Engage Learners with Moodle

Looking to empower and engage your learners with Moodle? Our Integrating Technology Moodle for Teachers professional development e-courses can help you build your own online courses on a Moodle site.

Here are a few tips to get started:

  1. Set clear learning objectives: Identify what your learners should know or be able to do after completing your course. Make sure your objectives align with your teaching goals.

  2. Organize your course: Use Moodle’s tools to create a clear course structure. Divide your content into manageable sections, and create activities and assessments that reinforce the material.

  3. Engage your learners: Moodle offers a variety of interactive tools, such as discussion forums, wikis, blogs, diaries, audio and video recorders (Poodll), games, quizzes, wordcards, wordclouds, chats, comments, readaloud, virtual classes, progress bar, and surveys. Use them to encourage participation and feedback from your learners.

With these tips, you can create a powerful online learning experience that meets the needs of your learners. Ready to take your Moodle skills to the next level? Check out our Moodle for Teachers e-courses today at https://integrating-technology.org! The courses are available throughout the year, but the course on how to Moodle is only available in May and January of each year. 

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