Face-to-Face vs Online Learning

Do Facial Features Signal Learning?

The discussions on face-to-face vs online learning won’t end until face-to-face teachers become experienced online teachers. You need to have experienced both the online and face-to-face teaching world’s to be able to appreciate both worlds.

Learning is a complex process that happens in the brain, but may or may not be transferred into measurable action. The action may be tests or use of the information in production of some kind.

I’d like to add a few of questions I ask myself as I stand in front of my students.

  • Do I really know what’s going on with my students learning progress when I gaze at them in my face-to-face classes?
  • Am I a mind reader who can go inside their heads and see what’s happening?
  • What do facial features mean when it comes to learning.
  • Can I see “learning outcomes” or the process of learning in my students’ body language?

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