Video Tutorials for Instruction and Learning

Instruction and Learning One and the Same

Instruction and learning go hand in hand because the instructor learns a great deal as he or she conducts ongoing research on the topic and how to deliver it effectively to the students. Teaching involves learning before, during, and after delivery of information. Students hopefully learn from the delivery and instruction. The question that I have been asking as a student and teacher these many years is how much do students retain or activate beyond the classroom or delivery?

Screencasting as a Way to Learn

I’ve been using Jing to capture the screen Screencasting allows users to document the steps they take as they capture the screen with audio. The audio can be the user’s voice or done via  text to speech.

Screencast-o-Matic and SlideSpeech

Using Screencast-o-matic or Slidespeech provides information on the process of learning. It shows when things go right and when don’t. Screencasting is a tool that facilitates online communication and provides self and peer learning


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