Fall Blog Festival 2015

Blog Fall Festival

Fall Blog Festival Webathon

The Fall Blog Festival (FBF) is a free 12-hour webathon. According to Wiktionary, a webathon is “A fundraising event carried out by means of the World Wide Web” (http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/webathon).  I use the term to express back-to-back webinars as in marathons.

About Fall Blog Festival

The Fall Blog Festival (FBF) one day 12-hour webathon is a celebration of bloggers and their work. The event will showcase bloggers, their work, and valuable tips for blogging for reflective practice, work with students, business and other reasons. This event takes place online on WizIQ, on September 21, 2014.  Highlights include: Why blog, background to blogging, influential bloggers, getting started, and best practices and challenges involved in blogging.

Presenters at the Fall Blog Festival

  • Dr. Nellie Deutsch on passionate about learning
  • Susan Hillyard on sharing your life´s work on a blogspot under continuous construction
  • Vance Stevens on organizing students and teachers around a wiki and training colleagues to do likewise
  • Dr. Ludmila Smirnova on Blogging to Learn: Writing to Demonstrate Active Learning
  • María J. García San Martín on e-Connections are Essential!!!!
  • Charles Goodger on FunSongs
  • Shelly Terrell on teacher training and empowering learners
  • Sylvia Guinan on Guest blogging, sharing and finding your voice on the blogosphere
  • Dr. Carlos S. Alvarado on Blogging for Parapsychology
  • Ricky Shetty family-friendly website Daddy Blogger where he writes about parenting from a father’s perspective
  • Dr. Christel Broady on building communities of practice by blogging

Why Blog?

Why do people blog?  Here  are 15 reasons Joshua Becker gives for blogging.

  1. You’ll become a better writer.
  2. You’ll become a better thinker.
  3. You’ll live a more intentional life.
  4. You’ll develop an eye for meaningful things.
  5. It’ll lead to healthier life habits.
  6. You’ll meet new people.
  7. You’ll make some money.
  8. You’ll inspire others.
  9. You’ll become more well-rounded in your mindset.
  10. It’s free.
  11. You’ll become more comfortable being known.
  12. It’ll serve as a personal journal.
  13. You’ll become more confident.
  14. You’ll find a platform to recommend.
  15. It’s quite a rush with every positive comment.

Can Blogs Help My Business?

Many for profit or non-profit, private and public organizations have blogs. What value do blogs have for businesses? Watch the following video and learn how blogs can help promote your organization.

How to Get Started?

Start a Blog with YouTube Videos

You can find amazing tutorials on how to create your very own blog as you would a website on YouTube.  Tyler Moore (click to access) has created some amazing video tutorials on how to start your blog.

Writing a Blog Post

Blog writing is not formal nor academic in any sense of the word. A blog writer is free to write a commentary, reflect and/or discuss any topic under the sun, and entertain. The title of the post should be catchy so it will appeal to as many people as possible. Blog writing consists of short paragraphs and bullet points that help break up the text into chunks that are easy to follow. The language needs to be clear and engaging. A blog post should be appealing to all the senses. The text should be decorated with images, audio, and video.  A blog post should be creative and relevant to a large audience.

Join the Fall Blog Festival

You’re invited to join the 12-hour webathon on September 21, 2014. Just click here to get the live online sessions or webinars, the content, and a chance to view the recordings when the event is over. You will also have a chance to connect with the presenters and other bloggers in the course feed.

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