Healthy and Sustainable MOOC 2014

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Healthy and Sustainable Living MOOC 2014

About Healthy and Sustainable Living MOOC

Healthy and Sustainable Living MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is a 5 week free online course that seeks wide participation from across the globe from those concerned with creating a healthy living and sustainable future. This MOOC is a collaborative project between WizIQ, Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL) and the Masters of Arts in Sustainability Studies (MASS) program at Ramapo College of New Jersey.


The MOOC would not be possible without the sponsorship of provided by WizIQ Education Online, IT4ALL (Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning) and Ramapo College MASS (Masters of Arts in Sustainability Studies). HSLMOOC14 aims to reach  everyone around the globe. You’re invited to spread the word to your online and colleagues and friends, who may not be online as much as you, so we can start the first of many such MOOCs on sustainability and healthy living.  CLICK on the following links to get further information and join the groups.

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First, we seek to create an informative program for those who wish to learn more about the sustainability transformation that is occurring worldwide. Our goal is to broadly frame the issues that can be further explored in future programming, through educational programs such as MASS and through independent learning and action.

Second, we plan to demonstrate a communicative process useful to furthering the Sustainable Transformation, an informative method open to a mass audience able to share information, assist in network building and promote global sustainable action en masse and by facilitating replication of valuable models everywhere.

Keynote and Panel Discussions

HSLMOOC14 Keynote and Panelists

Uploaded by Dr. Nellie Deutsch Founder of IT4ALL on WizIQ Tutorials

Organization and Layout

The MOOC is organized around Saturday Keynote lectures followed by Sunday panel discussions, both opportunities for participant questions. Beyond these content inputs, participants will discuss key questions and implications amongst themselves in asynchronous online posts and create blogs.

Two of the 6 sessions are process oriented. The MOOC begins with an asynchronous (i.e, not live, do it at your own pace) orientation session aimed at teaching participants how to use the underlying MOODLE learning system employed and orient them to the content. A final closing session will also be asynchronous. This closing session will include posting of all required reflections by participants who wish to receive a certificate acknowledging their active participation in the MOOC.

The content is organized around four double sessions, combining keynote lectures and panel discussions. The first theme is “Making the Sustainable Transition.” The second explores “Making Sustainable Change at the Global Level.” The third session addresses the local level with “Sustainable Communities” and the final session is called “Toward a Sustainable and Healthy Future.” During the four middle weeks of substantive discussion, each theme is the subject of a Saturday morning (New York time) key note address and a Sunday morning panel discussion. These programs will be open for full synchronous live participation and will also be posted in a video archive so that sessions can be reviewed any time after their completion.

Themes of HSLMOOC14

  • Making the Sustainable Transition
  • Making Change at the Global Scale
  • Local Scale-Based Sustainable Communities
  • Toward a Sustainable and Healthy Future


Pertinent Readings will be provided to each of these sessions on the MOOC’s asynchronous activities website.

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