Lower Exam Anxiety

I’m not for exams, but most schools have them. So yes, I am interested in how to help my students do their very best on exams. After years of watching my students as they struggled to focus during exams, I decided to take action. 

I conducted an action research study and executed a plan to lower anxiety during reading comprehensions test in 2004. I published my research study results for anyone is interested in how I tackled the challenge. You can buy the book on Amazon to get the full picture and techniques used and/or view the following video to learn about some of the findings of the study.

 Reading Under Stress

There’s a lot of reading involved in tests, so the ability to focus while reading and follow the information is crucial to passing exams.
I took the beginners and advanced levels of The Silva Method in the early 2000s to learn how to help my students lower stress during exams. The following research study is a good example of how the Silva Method was able to lower anxiety before exams: http://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/ED318750.pdf
Would you be interested in learning how to help your students improve their grades by lowering stress before, during, and after exams so they can be ready for the next one? If so, I provide an online self-paced course called Skills to Cope with Test Anxiety for teachers, students, parents, and anyone interested in learning how to improve concentration and have control during class time, study time, and while taking exams. 

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