Start a Right Brain Practice

Start a Right Brain Practice

We live in a left brain world which means we only deal with things material. If you relax and go into deep relaxation, you will enter alpha and right brain functioning. In alpha, you can ask and attain most anything you wish. You just need to desire, believe, and expect. If you’re ready for the journey to use your mind in a better way and attain well-being, take Total Stress Management Training (TSMT) with Dr. Nellie Deutsch an educator, PAIRS mentor, and long standing practitioner of the Silva Method, Alexander Technique, Reiki, and Mindfulness for stress reduction and well-being.

Enrol in TSMT

Just click if you desire, belief, and expect improvement in your life:

Total Stress Management Training (TSMT) is a five-week practical online workshop for teachers and other professionals who wish to learn how to live with stress and better manage career, family, relationships, school, lifelong learning, and the environment. The topics include well being, goal setting, time and sleep management, focus and flow, and meaningful relationships. The workshop is ongoing with individual attention starting September 2016. You may enrol at any time and stay for as long as you wish.

What you will learn

Participants will learn about well being and how to relax amidst chaos or unpleasant circumstances using mindfulness research-based techniques. They will practice mindfulness as a way to live with stress, become more stable, more present, more focused, more awake during the day, and to sleep better at night. Participants will learn to bring well being, acts of kindness, focus, flow, meaningful relationships, and greater achievements into their personal and professional lives.

Improve your Memory

Improve your Memory

You can improve your memory during exams with the Silva Method. Read about The Silva Method experiment and and learn you and your students can lower anxiety during exams. Here’s more on the Silva Method by Georg Maycock and TheThre-Fingers Technique:Does It Reduce Test Anxiety?

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