Mindful Living with Technology

Educational Technologist & Mindfulness Practitioner
Most people associate the name Dr. Nellie Muller Deutsch or the username “nelliemuller” with educational technology and online learning. However, most people are not that simple and neither am I. I just got back from a speaking engagement at Virginia Beach and the Edgar Cace association for research and enlightenment (A.R.E). I was an invited speaker at the Transformative Leadership conference organized by Atlantic University.

Transformative Leadership
I would like to share my experiences of the conference. I gave two talks, more in the form of workshops than lectures, on mindfulness meditation practice and authenticity. I also led a mindfulness meditation session. I applied the knowledge I had gained from Gil Fronsdal (Ph.D), who provides free Mindfulness meditation material on his website and the Alexander technique.

I met incredible people at the conference. Everyone was mindful and eager for authentic communication. Being authentic is not easy for most of us as I learned from the participants of the workshop I gave on authenticity. I learned that most of us are not so clear on what it means to be authentic because we don’t know who we are.

Technology & Mindfulness Practice

Technology is great for our brains because it allows us to multitask, but at the same time, it’s draining. Balance is key. We should consider taking periodic, but ongoing mindful rests from the screen/s. I mean rest from our mobile and stand-alone devices. One way of resting our brains and bodies is mindfulness meditation practice. You are invited to join a 4-week self-paced Mindful Living course on WizIQ with video recordings, articles, live online classes with recordings, and one-on-one mentorship.

Educating for Awareness
Google and other big companies have been advocation mindfulness practice for their staff for a number of years. In fact, there’s a new trend called Mindful Technology with ideas on how to attain mindful living with technology.

Google & Mindfulness Practice
Google understands that in order to be creative and innovative, people need to learn about themselves. The journey of self discovery can transform leaders into followers and followers into leaders. Through mindfulness, leaders can reach a quality of mind that is required in today’s world because “Creativity and innovation drive competitiveness in the 21st century enterprises“.

Education for Awareness at School
Schools, such as The Denver Waldorf School in Denver, are also becoming aware of the importance of teaching parents and students about time off from the screen and being mindful of what is happening. We need to limit our screen time and fill in the gaps with mindful activities throughout the day.

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What is your school or organization doing to promote mindful living?


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