Community College Day TESOL 2016 with Personal Devices


TESOL Convention Community College Day PRE Conference Event

You’ll be able to join me live and add your input there if you join the Community College Day event on April 4, 2016 from 10.00 to 11.15 at TESOL in Baltimore.

Personal Devices in the Classroom: Distraction or Engagement?

Personal technology in class may cause distractions, but may also provide opportunities for learning. Studies suggest that students’ attention is impaired by the use electronic devices for note-taking. However, allowing students to teach with personal devices as a way to learn may actually improve learning and engagement in class.

Nellie Deutsch, Atlantic University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Get Padlet on your computer or mobile device and let’s see whether personal devices distract or enhance engagement.

Watch this Youtube video for more:


Padlet for Viewing

Use your code scanner or QR Reader for iPhone/iPad or Android/Tablet to get to the following Padlet for Viewing the content of the presentation at TESOL College Day with Dr. Nellie Deutsch.

Watch Padlet Personal Devices TESOL 2016

Padlet for Collaboration

Use you code scanner or QR Reader on your iPhone/iPad or Android/Tablet to get to the following Padlet for Engagement. You’ll be able to add your input there if you join the College Day event on April 4, 2016 from 10.00 to 11.15 at TESOL in Baltimore.


You will be asked to add a code in order to add your input. You will see the following image when you try to access the Padlet. The Padlet is public and is accessible for writing by everyone.

PowerPoint Presentation

You can view and download the PowerPoint presentation from Slideshare for the Community College Day event. I may be editing it, so stay tuned to April 4, 2016 for the final version.

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