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Learning to work with and allowing tools to facilitate our lives has been man’s greatest accomplishment. Yes, letting go of hardships and letting technology make our lives easier is not always easy for everyone.  Today’s tools are digital in the form of applications on personal devices.  However, personal devices can be a blessing and a curse. We need to learn how to use them so that technology serves our needs.  The process may take more time than we bargained for.

Time and Perseverance 

It takes time and perseverance to learn to manage digital tools. Success in situations requires practice. I’ve seen how hard work, dedication, and perseverance can turn frustrating challenges into successful situations. I have seen this in my students (face-to-face and online), friends, other teachers, and in myself.

Teaching Background

I have been teaching high school and adult learners for over 35 years. I started bringing computers and the Internet into my face-to-face classes in 1993. Blended learning became the next natural step in 2003 when I started using Moodle course and learning management system to go beyond the physical classroom. Moodle allowed my students and I to connect with the content, each other, and the world.

Current Teaching 

I currently organize professional development MOOCs for teachers around the globe. The MOOCs include an annual Second Life MOOC (2013-2016), bi-annualMoodle MOOCs on November and May, and an annual Heathy Living MOOC. The MOOCs take place on Moodle for Teachers. Participants receive weekly badges and a final certificate of completion. In addition to the asynchronous learning environment, I integrate WizIQ webinars. The webinars include presenters from around the globe. Participants learn about, practice, document their learning using video tutorials and reflect.

My Goals

One of my major goals has been to spread education freely. I’ve been providing free e-learning courses since 2003 when I became the owner and administrator of a Moodle site. Moodle has allowed me to connect with other educators around the world.

I am driven by a need to help make life easier for myself and others. Helping others starts with modelling.  We first need to learn to care and have compassion for ourselves before we can help others.

My goals are to:

  • Bring peace by going beyond borders and political hatred to learning together on Moodle for Teachers (M4)
  • Connect educators worldwide for free learning
  • Empower teachers to become independent by teaching them how to start their own fully online or blended learning teaching business
  • Give workshops on Mindfulness and Focus

Moodle MOOC 8

We are currently ending week 1 of Moodle MOOC 8 in the month of May. The participants of the MOOC start off with the role of student (week 1), go on to edit resources and activities with the role of a teacher (weeks 2-3), get the role of a manager so they can have more editing rights (week 4), and finally develop a course of their own in groups (week 5).

I’m glad teachers and administrators of Moodle are giving Moodle MOOC 8 a chance. It may take a great deal of time and effort at the beginning, but the process is worthwhile. Taking MM8 will open doors to teaching online. Hopefully participants will stay to the end of the MOOC so they can learn how amazing teaching and learning with Moodle is.


This blog post like many others is a work-in-progress. I will be reflecting, learning, and adding to it. You can be part of the process by adding your comments to the post.

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