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2000px-Twitter_logo.svgIs your online world secure??

Online hackers are not new to the Internet, but they are annoying. How many of your email accounts have been hacked? Yahoo email account seem to be at the top of the list.

Are You Protected?
Security is a huge business both online and face-to-face. Are we protected in our online environments? Is gmail, yahoo, hotmail, twitter, Facebook, WizIQ, Linkedin, Ning, Scoopit, Wikieducator, and our websites secure? If you google the words “online hacking”, you will find many websites that are ready to provide online security from hackers. Should the responsibility lay on the social networks we join such as Facebook, Twitter, WizIQ , and others, or should it rest on the member of the website? Am I the way to secure my account on twitter, for example? The answer is yes and no. In some websites, it’s up to the owner of the site to ensure that the site and/or server is not hacked. Organizations spend a lot of money on online security. When it comes to an account on twitter or Facebook, my gmail account, it’s up to me.  I need to change my password periodically.

Find out how to be wise with your twitter account from Ike Pigott.

Right now, there’s a hacker with a great spam if you fall for it, which I did. The hack comes from your twitter contacts and it says someone is saying bad things about you. A link follows the message. If you click on the link, your twitter account is hacked and it begins to send the spam. In other words, you become a spammer . I changed my password so I’m out of the loop, but the game is still on so don’t click on the link if you get the message from someone else. So, if you are curious and click on the link, people will be saying bad things about you. Twitter is a haven for spam.

Stay Safe…
I suggest you google the term “online security” and find a government website to learn how to stay safe online. Australia has such a website called Stay Smart Online while the UK has a government site with services that include be secure online. Let’s make our online presence  on social networks a pleasant one by being careful of what we reveal and warning each other so we do not fall into the traps that are being developed as I write this. Let your friends know about this hacker so that we can have a safe online exchange.

We can learn about online security and how to stay safe by joining the BBC. The BBC’s Webwise has great information and courses that will help you learn about online security. We can also use strong passwords.

Let’s stay safe by choosing a strong password, changing it regularly, and alerting others when we get hacked.

BBC News reviews Password Protection Options

Easy to Hack a Twitter Account 
It’s very easy to get hacked, so change your password on a regular basis. Don’t wait till you’re hacked.

Twitter Suing Spammers
It’s not going to pay to spam or will it? Will spamming and hacking ever end?

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