Teach Online in a Virtual Class

Information Age

Technology is making a difference to learners worldwide when it comes to accessing information. Information is available at the touch of a google finger, but what will learners do with it? Having information at your finger tips is not enough. The only way to move forward beyond hoarding information is to develop the right mindset and skills.

Apply Information

Students in school and trainees in the corporate world need guidance on to how to use information to generate new information and take action. Learners need teachers to mentor and coach them on how to apply the information in innovative ways. The only way to move forward beyond hoarding information is to develop the right mindset and skills.

Meet in a Virtual Classroom

What better place to meet teachers than online where the information is. Teachers and learners can share and access resources available on the Internet. They can then use the information to collaborate and build on. You cannot do this in a face-to-face class with a pen and paper.

Teaching Online

Teaching online provides opportunities to engage learners in ways unheard of in the brick and mortar classroom of the past. We can no longer ignore the fact that students can receive customized instruction as a result of the Internet without the teacher if they choose, but the process can be more effective with a coach or teacher.
One of the most effective ways to engage the learner online is through the virtual class. The virtual class allows the learner to interact with the content, the teacher or mentor, and other learners or attendees. The learner needs a coach to help develop skill-based performance by practicing the skills in the virtual class. However, teaching in a virtual class requires know how and a great deal of practice.

WizIQ is my Choice

I have been using virtual classes of various brands to customize instruction and learning for my face-to-face English language high school and adult learners since 2004. I came across WizIQ virtual class in 2007 and have never looked back.
WizIQ is my choice. WizIQ provides my students and I with everything we need for effective communication and learner engagement. But, when something is lacking, we just ask for it. WizIQ provides a support and feedback system that is open to change and ultimately improvements.


Customization is crucial to the instructor and learner. The tech and support teams at WizIQ listen and cater to my needs. They have been customizing the virtual class for almost 9 years.

Connecting for Learning

Many have asked me about teaching online and how I manage to develop connections with my students. Teaching in a virtual class helps build performance skills and relationships. The chat box, collaborative writing tools, screensharing features, audio and webcam capabilities bring the learner and teacher closer together as they engage in learning with and from one another.

Learning Curve

Is there a learning curve? Immersion is key to any learning. Teaching with the tools available in a WizIQ virtual class is easy. The VC is intuitive and easy to manage for the attendee and the teacher.

Coach and Mentor

While the WizIQ system is easy to use, it requires training and practice. Just as students need to practice with a teacher as a guide, teachers need to practice with an experienced WizIQ coach and mentor by their side. I have decided to take it upon myself to provide teacher training on how to teach online in a virtual class for a self-paced one-on-one coaching. Teachers can now learn to teach online using WizIQ virtual class for effective skill-based learning.

Teachers to Teach Online

Educators, who think technology has not reached schools, may be in for a surprise. The demand for English language teachers to teach online using virtual classrooms such as WizIQ is increasing. The traditional face-to-face language schools are quickly realizing the value of going online to customize student learning. More and more schools are offering teachers attractive salaries to teach online using WizIQ.
In fact, I’m currently helping a language school based in Germany recruit English language teachers to teach English for adults and children online using WizIQ. The only requirement is that teachers know how to teach online using WizIQ virtual class.

Learn to Teaching Online

Don’t miss this and other job offers because you’re not qualified to teach online. Gain the training you need to qualify for the next job offer, so I can recommend you. The teacher training course on how to teach online using WizIQ is now open for enrolment. The course is self-paced with a coach by your side. Click to enrol: http://www.integrating-technology.org/course/view.php?id=136
With the right technology and the help of teachers, learners can move forward and make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.
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