WebQuests for Inquiry-Based Learning

Today’s students need constant challenges in order to focus. WebQuests are problem-based learning activities that engage students in learning. Engage your students in experiential (hands on) learning activities that promote social skills via teamwork, higher order critical thinking skills via inquiry and problem-based learning, and technological skills via the Internet and Microsoft applications. Motivate your students to become lifelong learners by using WebQuests.

Professor Bernie Dodge, the father of Webquests, defines them as “inquiry-oriented activities in which some or all of the information that learners interact with comes from resources on the internet”.

In this free 4-week online course https://integrating-technology.org/course/view.php?id=283, participants will discuss, create, and learn about the value of using a WebQuest to promote teamwork, higher order thinking skills and integrate technology into the classroom. 

WebQuests for Inquiry-based Learning is an example of how teachers can integrate technology into their classes. After a brief introduction on the value of the WebQuest, the presenter will introduce the attendees to the modules of a Webquest and to the course. The modules of a WebQuest include an introduction, task or tasks, process, resources, evaluation, conclusion, teachers’ page with a lesson plan, feedback and reflections, and oral presentation using multimedia.

You may find the following resources useful in order to better understand what’s involved in creating a WebQuest. 

Resources on WebQuests


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