Moodle with ZOOM Support

School administrators and other school stakeholders need to understand that ZOOM and ZOOM alternatives are not a replacement for the face-to-face classroom. ZOOM and ZOOM alternatives can be used the same way as individual or group chats on What’s App, Facebook, Telegram, Signal, Messenger, Discord, LinkedIn, and so on because of their screen sharing, chat, audio, and video camera capabilities.

Every training and school should set up a learning management system (LMS). My preference is Moodle. Moodle has more features than any other LMS and organizations own the content. However, Canvas is my second choice. The content belongs to Canvas, but the courses can be migrated to a Moodle site if necessary.

Moodle is the classroom. Everything and everyone is there 24/7 with the option of being there at the exact same time. Students should not be forced to join these live online meetings.

Let me know if you’d like further information on how to implement hyflex programs using Moodle or other LMSs at your school and ZOOM or ZOOM alternative support systems.

Keep in mind that there is now such thing as a one size fit all program.

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