The Hero’s Journey of Learning Transformation

Educators have been gaining inspiration and igniting tangible transformation in their classrooms by participating in free online professional development programs such as Moodle MOOCs, Virtual Worlds MOOCs, Connecting Online Conference, Moodle MOOT Virtual Conference, and other online courses on the Integrating Technology Moodle site ( This hub for educator professional development fosters not just technical mastery, but an understanding of how technology can enhance transformative learning and community building.

Like mythic heroes preparing for battle, these events serve as “training grounds” for developing new skills and strategies to unleash student potential. The presenter will highlight parallels between the quests of mythic heroes and transformative journeys within digital learning environments. She will discuss how to leverage age-old structures of challenge and perseverance for maximum impact. You will discover how online communities – including those nurtured by sites like Teachers Teaching Teachers ( mirror a hero’s fellowship, offering ongoing support.

Participants will learn how visual storytelling tools empower students to become not just consumers of knowledge, but creators of their own learning saga. They will also learn about innovative frameworks, practical techniques, and a toolkit of resources designed to enhance teaching and fuel student success in the digital age. Just as Odysseus leveraged cleverness alongside strength, the presenter will share strategies that develop students’ digital problem-solving abilities and resourcefulness.

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