Best of EVO20

Electronic Village Online (EVO) is an annual online free professional development for English language teachers. EVO started in 2001. EVO provides me with the opportunity to learn and facilitate online course sessions using synchronous and asynchronous platforms.

In 5 weeks, I explore, experiment, and apply my philosophy of education as I see it. In this video, I attempt to summarize two of the sessions I gave in January and February 2020 on Moodle for Teachers free online platform and ZOOM.

Teachers from around the world engaged in team activities and teaching as a way to learn by creating video tutorials to show and reflect. The two EVO20 sessions I had the honour of facilitating online on my own were Moodle for Teachers EVO20 and Tools for Student Collaboration EVO20.

School stakeholders may not realize the value of having learner autonomy supportive teachers at their schools. My goal is to present my 40 years experience on how to facilitate face-to-face and remote learning for K-12 and higher education.

I believe in social engagement for learning. My programs focus on team and individual activities within a team that promote learner autonomy in and out of the classroom. I encourage teachers to allow students to be active members of the course by teaching as a way to learn or learning by teaching as it’s referred to by many educators.

Feel free to pick my brain and ask questions so I can cater to your needs as a learner or teacher.

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